Web Design Services

Clearly communicate what sets your business apart and make sure customers have a seamless experience with an intuitive yet affordable web design from Lucky 14.

Easy to use and manage

Isn’t it annoying when you visit a webpage on your computer and then try to visit it again from your mobile, only to find the menu structure is completely different? Your customers think so too and will go elsewhere if they struggle to access to your products, services or contact details easily. That’s why, at Lucky 14, every website we design is fully responsive and mobile-friendly so your customers can seamlessly access what they need, when they need it, even if that’s just your telephone number.

All our sites are managed in WordPress or Squarespace. We’ve chosen these for our web design services as both platforms are easy to update even if you’re not tech savvy. This means if want to change some text on one of your service pages or upload a blog, you can do so easily rather than having to pay us to manage these edits for you. Although of course we’re always here if need us.

Our Experience

Over the years we’ve designed websites for all sorts of businesses, from local tradespeople and freelancers to brands that require an attractive, easy-to-navigate online shop. Not to mention the restaurants, entertainment venues, leisure facilities, and training and education providers.

Our small yet experienced team comprises of design and marketing professionals covering a range of disciplines, from web design and branding to social media and content marketing. This team makeup ensures every website we design is adaptable to your businesses’ changing needs as you grow.