Does your brand stand out?

As we all know, first impressions count. As a business, your logo is that first impression – you want customers to remember it, so it’s important that the design is distinct and in-line with your brand. If not, your costly marketing efforts could be wasted or, worse still, confused with another business.That’s where Lucky 14 Design comes in.

There are many types of logo, from those led by typography to illustrated logos, emblems and even brand mascots. When you choose Lucky 14 for for your logo design, we will work with you to develop several designs that embody your brand. You then just need to select your favourite.

What do we mean when we say your logo should be “in-line with your brand”?

Well, often your logo is the starting point for your brand identity. The colours and shapes used in your logo should span your entire business, from your website to your printed materials. Having a consistent brand identity adds professionalism and also helps to make your brand memorable and identifiable. For instance, if you’re exhibiting at an event, a client should be able to spot your stand across the room from your brand colours alone – that’s when you know you have a strong brand.

For years we have provided a professional logo design service as part of our wider branding service offering. Explore some of our previous work above.Whether you’re starting a new business and need a striking brand identity or you’re a long-standing business in need of a refresh, we can help. Contact us to get started.