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Illustration is a fun, upbeat way to communicate your message, especially online where it’s tricky to stand out. Our professional illustrators are waiting to hear from you.

Books, posters, leaflets and social media graphics are all popular uses for illustration. An illustrated brand mascot is a fantastic way to make customers remember you: they remember your character and they remember what your business does. The Michelin Man, the Laughing Cow and the Jolly Green Giant are all fantastic examples of brands using illustration in their marketing.

At Lucky 14 we have a team of professional illustrators who are traditionally trained in a variety of illustrative styles, so whether you want bold, modern shapes or traditional pen and ink illustrations, we can deliver. Better still, our team will work with you throughout to bring your vision to life. Our freelance illustration services span all types of media, from business materials like logos and brochures to physical products like children’s books and tote bags.

So, whether you need characters for a book, fun team headshots or an eye-catching leaflet, our personable team are on hand to help. Explore some of our freelance illustration work below and get in touch to get started.
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